Our vision

  Fighting Psoriasis could be a challenging journey and we know no one should be alone while facing Psoriasis

Find someone that really understands you and knows what you are going through is hard

We are here for you and for people like you

With 7chairs you can easily connect with people like you and with a proffessional Group Facilitator that will take the journey with you

Our vision is to support everyone, everywhere






Group Facilitators and the Meetings


Meetings take place weekly on the same day and hour

All group members connect on the same time

Long term meaningful relationship

Structured process that builds your resilience

Professional group facilitators

All communication via text to keep your anonymity





Group list
How do you start

Search for a relevant group

Sign up for an intro call 

Our group facilitator will reach out

Meet new friends and join your new community





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Every week I wait for Mon. 9pm. I look forward to meeting everyone, I

found people like me, I can say everything and my friends just get it. I

don't feel like a stranger anymore.



Sue, a group member